Past Projects.


Credits. Cinematographer and Producer, Elijah Marchand


Show                    Position                                       Company ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 

AIR IVANHOE 2021-2023   Director/Director Photography — 26 episodes

SEALS AND CROFTS 2021 Editor One Planet Please  Documentary Productions 

CANADA OUT OF DOORS 2021 Director/Editor Air Ivanhoe 13 Episodes — Lifestyle Show 

THE SPARK 2021 DP/Editor WestWind Pictures 6 Episodes — Talk Show 

REMEMBERING ZARA 2020 Director/Editor The Many  Mini Documentary  

AMJ “THANK YOU” SPOT 2020 Director/Editor EvrenOZ Productions 

SEE HEAR LOVE 2020 DP/Editor YesTV 6 Episodes — Talk Show 

EXEMPLAR 2019 DP Bahá’í World Center Documentary  


NAV SUPER FAN 2019 DP CloseUp360 Highlight video 

DAWN OF THE LIGHT 2018 DP Bahá’í World Center Documentary  

“MIDNIGHT” Myles Erlick 2018 Director/Editor Shadow Motion Pictures Music Video 

A BETTER US 2018 DP/Editor YesTV 13 Episodes -Talk Show 

HEY MIESHA 2018 DP/Editor YesTV 13 Episodes — Live Action and Animation show 

CADILAC FAIRVIEW SPOT 2017 Director/Editor Notch Video CHAPMANS SPOT 2017 DP/Editor 5th Story 

THE ART SHOW 2016-2017 DP/Editor WestWind Pictures 40 episodes 5 min each 

YAMAHA DRUMS SPOT 2017 DP Notch Video ACURA MDX SPOT 2017 DP Notch Video

 THE BAHAIS 2016 DP/Editor WestWind Pictures 48 min Documentary 

CDIC SPOT- 2016 DP/Editor 5th Story 

CONFUCIUS WAS A FOODIE 2015 Editor Mark Media Corp 3 Episodes 45 min  

Documentary Series 

DAUGHTERS OF EVE 2014 Editor Chelsie Road Production/ 4 Episodes 22 min each Yes TV Documentary Series 

PAIN KILLERS 2013 DP/Editor Crossroads/Tricord Media 48 min Documentary 

THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE 2014 DP Crossroads/Tricord Media 48 min YES TV Bio/documentary on David Mainse 

LEWIS SAYS MUSIC VIDEO’S 2014 Editor Crossroads/Tricord Media 12 music videos 

HUMBER COLLEGE 2014 — Present DP Black Cat Advertising Ongoing promotional material 

and commercial spots on Bell 

100 HUNTLEY ST 2013 -Present DP Crossroads/Tricord Media 

A BETTER SLICE OF LIFE 2015 DP Black Cat Advertising 22 min Documentary  

THE HEEB N ROB SHOW 2013 DP Frantic Films Sizzle Reel- Hunting Reality Show 

HAITI: CHILDREN OF HEAVEN 2011 DP Sahand Film 90 min Documentary (filmed in Haiti) 

TIN CITY VOICES 2011 Director/DP KINOPHI Motion Pictures 50 min Documentary, filmed in Guyana 

World Premiere ***Montreal World Film Festival  

European Premiere ***FIPA, France  

***Docs DF Mexico 

JOUR BRUYANT 2009 Director/DP KINOPHI Motion Pictures 3 min Short Film 

Winner Naish McHugh Award for Emerging Filmmakers 

Toronto Urban Film Festival 2009 

JET LAG 2006 Director/DP/Editor KINOPHI Motion Pictures 5 min Short Film